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What size numberplates will PlateFrames fit?

PlateFrames are available for the Standard New Zealand numberplates, and for the custom Euro-Style numberplates available from Personalised Plates. Our Euro-Style PlateFrames do not include the flag or fern symbols as seen in the generator, as this is just an example of one of the many designs available from Personalised Plates. PlateFrames are NOT available for any other size numberplates, including message plates, at this point in time.

How many characters can I fit on a PlateFrame?

On both the Standard PlateFrames & Euro-Style PlateFrame, you are able to fit 30 characters in the "Small Text Area" and 28 characters in the "Large Area Text". Please note, a space is counted as a character. For more information on character limits, and personalised PlateFrames click here.

If you wish to have text only in one of the text areas, please enter "PLEASE LEAVE BLANK" into the area to leave blank. At the time of processing, we will ensure that the area is left blank.

Why can I not send my PlateFrames to a P O Box address?

As the PlateFrame orders are sent out via signature required track & trace courier, we cannot send the item to a P O Box address.

How long until I get my PlateFrames?

Dependant on the number of PlateFrames ordered, the general turnaround time is 7 business days.
Delivery time is dependant on the destination.
At busy periods of the year, Christmas etc, we do advise that orders should be made well before time to ensure delivery of the item is well before the event.

How many PlateFrames do I get per unit ordered?

For each Personalised PlateFrames unit ordered, you will receive two (2) PlateFrames.
For each premade PlateFrames unit (these are the premade plateframes available under Frames For Sale), you will receive one (1) PlateFrame.

Is there anything that CAN'T/WON'T be put on a PlateFrame?

Anything that is not deemed acceptable by the Advertising Standards Authority, will not be put onto a PlateFrame (e.g. profanity).

Do you sell the blank numberplate frames?

Unfortunately, we do not sell the blank numberplate frames.

What if I want more than 30 units of personalised PlateFrames?

If you require a quote for more than 30 units of Personalised PlateFrames, or if you would like to discuss a quote for a number of premade PlateFrames, please contact us.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is free for all orders over $25. A flat shipping fee of $5.00 will apply to orders under $25. An additional charge will be applicable for rural shipping orders. This charge is added at the time of the order being processed.


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